5 Most Common Causes of Emergency Electrician Call-Outs


When it comes to your electrical system, issues and problems can arise at any time. While some problems can wait until the next working day, others can’t. These electrical problems are more serious since they can cause damages or accidents. They can lead to injuries or worse, death. So it’s important to know which problems require immediate response and which do not. To help you out, here are the 5 most common causes of emergency electrician call-outs.

1. Loss of power

Losing power may seem more of an inconvenience rather than a true emergency. However, if there’s no known reason for the power loss, then it becomes an electrical emergency. So if you lose power at home, check your neighbors. If your entire street is affected, the problem may be with your electric company. But if they still have power and you are certain you’ve paid your dues, then the problem may be in your home.

You may be experiencing an electrical issue or have a damaged breaker box that is putting your whole system at risk. Thus, make sure to phone your trusted emergency electrician in case of a power loss. An electrician will not only restore power in your home, but he will also help determine the cause of the blackout. Necessary fixes will then be applied to your system to prevent the same incident from happening again.

2. Burning smell from wires

The smell of a burning wire is very distinct. It resembles that of burnt plastic or metal, making it hard to miss. This is a pretty serious problem as it can be an indication of faulty wiring or your wires are overheating. Both instances can lead to a fire. So once you notice a burning smell from your wires, make sure to call a licensed electrician immediately.

3. Unusual noises

Another common cause of an emergency electrician call-out is unusual noises. A buzzing or humming sound from your outlets, lights, or switches is potentially hazardous and requires immediate attention from a professional. These noises can be caused by overloaded outlets, improperly grounded wires, or loose connections – all of which can damage your appliances, electrical system, or even cause a fire.

4. Water damage

When you experience flooding or water damage in your home due to a pipe burst or leak, your last concern may be to call an electrician. But that shouldn’t be the case. If your electrical system comes in contact with water, the results can be devastating. So to prevent any incidents and injuries, call an emergency electrician immediately. He will shut down your power supply and assess the damage to your electrical system. Repairs will also be performed to ensure your family’s safety.

5. Sparking outlet

Most homeowners also call a 24-hour electrician when they notice big sparks that last longer than usual. And there’s a good reason behind it – because such abnormal sparks can be a sign of an overloaded circuit, faulty appliances, or outdated wiring. It can also be an indication of faulty wiring or an improperly installed outlet. Any of these electrical problems immediately puts your home at risk of a fire.

Remember, electrical emergencies can escalate quickly and become fatal. So before you experience any damages to your property or harm to your family, best call an emergency electrician as soon as you notice any of the common problems stated above. And if you are looking for a trusted sparkie in the Syndey area, Electrician to the Rescue is your best choice. They offer 24/7 rescue services, 365 days a year. So even if it’s Christmas or any public holiday, you can trust them to save you from any electrical trouble.