A 3 Stage Reverse Osmosis System Provides Cleaner Water

Do you want to install a new filter system in your home? This article will assist you in determining the best solution for you and inform you of any requirements.

What Is a Reverse-Osmosis System? How Does it Work?

Reverse osmosis water purifiers have attracted more attention in recent years. This is because of the three stages of reverse-osmosis.

The heart of any reverse-osmosis system is a thin membrane. This membrane is usually made of semi-permeable thin film composite (TFC). It also serves as the heart of advanced water purification systems that use a carbon filter to remove chloramines.

You must know this important fact: protect the carbon filter.

The 3 Stages

Let’s look at the stages of reverse osmosis and how they work.

  1. Stage 1: The pre-carbon block filter. Also called the Sediment Filter. It removes sediment and other particulate material, such as dirt, silt, and rust.
  2. Stage 2: Reverse osmosis membrane filter. Also known as a carbon filter or activated carbon, this stage uses activated carbon to remove chlorine and/or chloramines from the water.
  3. Stage 3: The final stage is the post-carbon block filter. This stage filters out organic and non-organic compounds such as fluoride and reduces the impurities known as Total Dissolved Solids. TDS can be found in water, and it is reduced to 1/10,000 (0.0001) millimeters.

Are all reverse osmosis water purifiers equipped with these features?These are the main points that highlight the reliability and dependability of reverse osmosis water filtration systems. It has a longer lifespan.

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