Are Expensive House Paints Worth The Cost?

The cost of painting your house exterior, living room, bedroom or kitchen can vary greatly. This leaves consumers wondering how to pick the right paint to paint your walls. Do you save money or sacrifice quality and durability by choosing the most affordable paint on the market? Should you spend the extra money on the most expensive option or do you risk losing quality and durability for a cheaper paint? It is difficult to decide if expensive house paints are worth it.

What you need to know about cheaper paint

Paints that are cheaper may seem like a bonus. It’s unlikely to be an upfront bonus. This is because you will need to buy more paint if you want less expensive paint. Paint that is less expensive often has lower solids content. This reduces paint’s ability to provide even coverage. To get more even coverage, you will need to purchase more paint. You’ll end up with uneven patches.

How to Avoid Expensive Paint

However, the more expensive paints will provide better coverage. It is important to understand that paint is composed of solvent (water, alkyd), pigment and a binder. As the paint dries the solvent evaporates and the pigment and binder remain. The binder holds the pigment together. The pigment and binder are the solids found in paint cans. More of them will give you better coverage.

When you paint over dark colors with transparent bases, the case for expensive paint is stronger than if you use a white base in lighter colors. It is more difficult to paint over a transparent base in darker colors. To achieve a smooth, even, and consistent coverage of your wall, you will need to apply three coats of paint. This may seem like a lot but it’s not. It could take as many as nine coats of cheaper paint to achieve the same effect.

Add in the time cost and expensive paints are again on top. A coat of paint can take up to 24 hours to dry. You will only need two coats if you are using quality paint that has more solids. You’ll need to apply coats of paint if you use a cheaper paint that has fewer solids. Every coat and the subsequent drying time will take hours before your project is complete.

It’s definitely worth the extra money to get a paint that has more solids to ensure even paint coverage and to make it easier to paint walls.

Make sure to prime

Even if you are using high-quality, expensive paint, prepare and prime your walls. Apply primer to repair any damage. Primer is used to make sure your walls are smooth before you start painting. Primer will prevent paint from getting absorbed into walls in uneven or unattractive places. It can also be used to smoothen any blemishes below the paint’s surface. Primer is also helpful if you are painting over dark colors. This will allow you to use less paint.

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