All About Deep Root Feeding For Trees

Many new homeowners have a long-standing tradition of planting a tree on their property. As a way to mark their time in the house, they plant a tree. This is a magical way to see the passing of time. What do you do if a tree or other tree on your property dies? Is there a quick way to give it the nutrients it requires? This is why deep root feeds may be the best choice for trees on your Pinellas County property.

What is Fertilization?

Lawn care professionals and arborists use fertilizers to add nutrients to plants. Fertilizers are applied to lawns in order to promote healthy grass growth. It can be difficult to find a way to fertilize trees. Most plants have shallow roots and can be easily fed with nutrient-rich products that are applied to the surface soil. Tree roots, however, are more difficult and require deeper fertilizer. There is a way to get fertilizer deeper.

What is Deep Root Fertilization?

Deep root fertilization provides fertilizer with a way to reach deep underground. Deep root fertilization is a process that helps fertilizer reach the roots of trees. How does this work? It all starts with one of our highly-trained lawn care technicians inspecting your trees. They will inspect your trees for signs of disease, death, and other threats to their health. Your technician will insert an 8-12 inch hollow pipe into the soil around the tree’s base if they discover problems that can be solved by deep …

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