What is a Roof Tear Off?


Are you ready to replace the leaky roof? If you are, then your roof proposal should include a list of all the items that will be included in your roof replacement. Are you confused by the “old roof tear-off” line item?

The roof removal process should be discussed with your roofing contractor. We will also provide a breakdown for you. Before we can get into the steps of tearing off an old roof, you should know what a roof tear-off is.

What is a roof tear-off?

The old roof must be removed before you can replace it. This means that your roofing contractor will remove old roofing materials from your roof decking and tear off the old shingles.

The replacement process cannot be completed without the tear-off process. What does this look like?

These are the 3 steps to removing your old roof

Although it may seem like chaos, the tear-off process for your roof replacement is controlled chaos. A roofing contractor will protect your property, tear off your old roof and deal with the old nails.

1. Protecting your property

Protecting your property while they are on your roof is one of the most important jobs of a roofing contractor. This is especially important when your roof needs to be replaced.

Once your contractor has determined the access point, they will begin rolling protective tarps down from the gutter to the ground. These tarps protect all foliage and landscaping around your home’s base.

This is done to make …

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