Important Things When Decor a Minimalist Home

Minimalist home decor are not only seen from the size and design. There are several elements of minimalist home decor that must exist. Minimalist style houses are now increasingly favored by many people, especially the millennial generation. One of the reasons is because the minimalist concept house has a fresher design and is close to the preferences of the current generation. Decorating a minimalist home is now even easier because the items and decorations are readily available everywhere. The following are some important elements for minimalist home decoration in your dwelling:

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1. Neutral and Bright Colors

The first minimalist home decor element that must exist is the use of neutral and bright colors. Some of the color choices commonly used in minimalist homes are white, gray, pastel, and monochrome. Color is not only applied to the walls of the house, but also to the floor, ceiling, and furniture.

2. Plain Walls Without Motif

Plain walls without motifs or ornaments are one of the typical characteristics of minimalist home decor. Therefore, avoid using decorations on the walls, whether in the form of motifs, ornaments, or wallpapers for wall decoration. It’s better to just leave the walls of your house without a pattern and only get a touch of paint color.

3. Modern Floor Carpet

If the floor is made plain, you may feel that it is too monotonous and flat. As a solution, you can complement your minimalist home decor with modern floor rugs. But remember, you have to be careful in choosing the right carpet so as not to damage the minimalist impression in the room. Instead, choose a carpet without a motif or a little motif with a color that matches the color of the walls of the house.

4. Multi functional Furniture

When you choose furniture to display in your minimalist home, you should choose multi functional furniture that can not only save space, but also maximize its usefulness. Don’t be surprised if a lot of the furniture used in minimalist homes is custom furniture.

5. Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is not only useful for maximizing the use of natural energy and minimizing the use of artificial energy. One of the elements of minimalist home decor that must exist so that the room looks bigger, wider, and optimal is to provide natural lighting. More than that, natural lighting can have a big impact on the dwelling and its occupants both physically and psychologically.

6. Large Mirror

In addition to utilizing natural lighting, you can also optimize the function and feel of a minimalist home with the help of a large mirror. The presence of a large mirror can make the impression as if the house looks spacious, spacious, and more flexible. Therefore, this decorative element must be present, especially for those of you who have a small minimalist home.

7. Indoor Ornamental Plants

The last minimalist home decor element that you must also have is indoor ornamental plants. Adding ornamental plants has not only aesthetic benefits but also medical benefits. The presence of ornamental plants in the house can not only beautify the appearance of the house but can also be healthy for the residents