Master Closet Makeover

Organizing Closets

Measure the size of your rod and reduce it to measurement. Then, stain and seal the rod if you’re using a 1-1/4″ wood dowel. After, fill in all the gaps the place the shelf meets the wall or trim with caulk. Caulk is a incredible way to make your build look extra professional, be sure to visit my article with all my tips and tricks when it comes to applying caulk like a professional. Then, fill in the nail holes with spackling paste or wood filler.

Prime 3 Styles Of Closets

Fill in nail holes, apply caulk to seams, and touch up areas with paint. Install the trim to the fronts of the shelves. Place the shelves into place and safe them with nails. Cut the wood and sand it easy with an orbital sander. Create a sketch of your entry closet and design it to have more performance. After the picket dowel has dried, secure the rod into place.


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I asked one of many store clerks if they had been going to get them again in and she didn’t know. I can’t remember now if that they had them online in the course of the winter, though I’m sure I checked. I would not have wished to buy them online anyway as a result of delivery was $15 which is able to buy 24 hangers in the retailer. Use all applicable and correct security precautions when attempting tasks. All projects are attempted at the reader’s personal danger. Install the dowel into place and enjoy your new closet.

I searched excessive and low on Amazon and finally found white go well with hangers. After inserting the order, I received an e-mail from the vendor apologizing and saying they were truly out of stock. He had no concept if or when they can be again in inventory. IKEA did get them back in the retailer come springtime, thank goodness! Apparently, IKEA considers white hangers to be a seasonal factor. You know that feeling when you’re midstream amassing one thing and all of a sudden it’s discontinued?