Shocked the Electricity Bills Raised? See How To Check Your Electricity Bill

Electricity bill while at home keeps going up? Don’t worry, there are ways to check your Average utility bills every month. Check out how. For those of you who work from home, aka at home for several months due to the pandemic, you will definitely feel an increase in electricity bills. You haven’t felt the increase in electricity bills in March 2020 because you just started working full time at home.

However, you are just starting to feel an increase in bills in April, May, June, and also July 2020. Especially in July 2020, of course you, your friends, neighbors, relatives, and anyone else will discuss the increase in bills. The State Electricity Company stated that no officers came to the house to record the meter. Actually, there is a way to check electricity bills every month because the Electricity Company provides invoices to customers.

Every month, the Electric Company always issues a detailed invoice for electricity bills to customers. Customers can get this invoice easily, just by registering an email address at the nearest Electricity Company Customer Service Unit Office. Customers only need to mention the customer ID and email address used, it’s easy isn’t it. The next step, the Electricity Company will carry out verification of customer data, after completion, the customer can receive an invoice every month.

Electricity company customers to register an email address complete information about electricity bills. If the customer does having internet access, an invoice for the details of the electricity bill can be obtained in two ways. Customers can visit customer services unit or Contact Center Information listed when checking electricity bills When a customer gets an invoice, he can check the monthly electricity bill in detail, which includes several things. The Electric Company will provide detailed details on the invoice for the electricity bill so that there is transparency to the customer.

Previously, electricity users complained about the increase in electricity bills by submitting them via social media. Customers questioned the higher bill increase while the kWh usage was lower than with the previous month the reason is are accepting installations the previous month’s bill that have not been paid.

The bills earned are high and even tough kWh usage with lower than next or previous month. The Electric Company provides relieve customers when Pay utility bills. The scheme is for customers with electricity bills that have increased by more than 20 (percent). Customers can be experienced a bill increase of more than 20, he only paid the June bill plus 40 of the difference between the previous month’s bill.

The Electricity Company determines the previous month’s bill using the three-month average usage rate.Then the customer pays the remaining 70 in the next three months in May, August and October at a rate of 20 each month.This scheme can be to protect customers from a surge in electricity bills can result in and show activity changes in electricity consumption so far implementation of social distancing