Tips for Caring for Rattan Furniture

Rattan is one of the raw materials in the manufacture of household furniture, such as chairs and tables. Rattan has advantages over wood, such as being lighter, elastic, malleable, inexpensive, and strong. However, rattan has a weakness that is easily exposed to termites. If you want a classic home or room atmosphere, Wicker Furniture Manufacturer rattan furniture will be perfect. Various types and varieties of rattan furniture are still a favourite of the people. Currently, synthetic rattan furniture is more in demand than original rattan furniture, this is due to lower prices and lighter materials. Generally synthetic rattan is made of plastic and will release toxic substances when burned. Therefore, be careful and smart in buying synthetic rattan furniture because some are safe and some are not. However, so that wooden furniture is more awake and durable, you need to pay attention to the following tips:


Rattan furniture should be cleaned once a week simply by using a dry cloth to remove the dust that sticks, and avoid using chemical liquids because they can damage the rattan. Especially for dust and dirt that sticks between the rattan, then wash it using detergent, but the liquid detergent used should not be too thick and can be done once a month. In addition to using a cloth, you can remove dust with a vacuum cleaner, but try not to press the surface of the rattan too hard so as not to remove or scratch the rattan woven material. You can also use an old toothbrush to treat certain parts of the rattan that the machine cannot reach.


You can repaint rattan furniture if the colour has faded, this can beautify your rattan furniture. Please do regular maintenance, especially on the quality of the paint you use, keep in mind that the choice of paint type also affects the quality in the future.

Pay attention to furniture placement

Pay attention to the location of the furniture or furniture made of rattan, try not to be exposed to direct sunlight and rain, because it will cause the colour of the rattan furniture to fade or dry so it is easily damaged. If you have to be exposed to the sun, you can try using a furniture cover during the day so that it doesn’t directly hit the Wicker Furniture.

Avoid termites

The most important thing about caring for wood furniture is that as much as possible avoid the location of termites, this is very influential on the long life of the quality of the wood, on rattan furniture you can clean using a solution of camphor or kerosene. You can spray the solution onto the rattan or deeper.