Where can one place a wine cellar in their home?

A wine cellar is an excellent investment for anyone who loves wine. It can store and age your wine correctly, but it can even add value to one’s home. With that being said, the following blog will aim to look at how much space is required for a wine cellar, where you can place a wine cellar, how much a wine cellar can cost, and how to install one yourself affordably. Furthermore, if you are not ready to install a wine cellar or do not have sufficient funds, there are other options. Namely, one can purchase a cheap wine cooler. Furthermore, if you are a fan of red wine, you can also use your talents to make a red wine sauce for steak.

How much space does a wine cellar require?

If you want to construct a wine cellar, the minimum space would be 20-50 square feet. This size can house between 10 and 20 bottles of wine. This size is ideal for those with a smaller wine collection. However, if you have a much more extensive wine collection, one can use up to 500 square feet and house 5,500 bottles.    

Where can one place a wine cellar in their home?

When constructing a wine cellar, one of the first questions may be where to place it. And the answer is straightforward, anywhere. However, while you can place a wine cellar anywhere, the upkeep and expenses may differ depending on the location. This is because a wine cellar needs to be dark and humid, and some rooms within your home may not have those features. Therefore an ideal location would be under a stairwell, the basement or the garage.  

How much can a wine cellar cost

Building a wine cellar can be costly, especially, if you acquire outside help. For example, a custom-made glass-front or spiral wine room can cost anywhere between £20,000 to £50,000. Moreover, building a new wine cellar in an existing home costs £2,500 to £4,000 per square meter. So if the wine cellar was 32 square meters, with a contemporary stairwell, one could expect it to cost anywhere between £80,000 to £128,000. This does not include any humidity control or shelving.

How to build a makeshift wine cellar

A wine cellar can be a costly expense. Therefore if you want to build a wine cellar affordably, allow this to offer some insight into how you can do so. Firstly, in your desired room, check for any leaks or holes. Your room needs to have both a controlled temperature and humidity level. Therefore if there are any holes or leaks present, this will cause an unstable environment which will negatively impact how well your wine will age. Secondly, you want to install a vapour barrier. This plastic sheeting is installed loosely on the exterior wall to ensure you can place insulation on top of the plastic sheeting. Thirdly, you want to seal your concrete floors. One should not have carpeted or wooden following for their wine cellar as they are too absorbent and porous. Fourthly, you will need to add furring to raise the surfaces. Fifthly, you will need to install a sealed wine cellar door that does not allow any oxygen from the outside. Lastly, seal the walls and install a wine cellar cooling system to control the temperature and humidity levels.

While a wine cellar can be costly, one can construct their own wine cellar affordably and accurately to ensure that the environment is adequate for their wine.