America spends a lot of money on water each year. If we could reduce our water bills, most of us would be happy. Fixing all dripping faucets is one way to lower your annual water bill. Over a year, water dripping from faucets can add up to more than you think. Dripping can also increase the humidity in your home which could lead to mold. You can fix most drip faucets easily and inexpensively.

O-Ring Issues

Your tap’s O-ring seals it. Your faucet’s water flow rate is controlled by your O-ring. If the ring is damaged or loose, water will continue to flow from the faucet, causing a continuous drip. Poor design, poor lubrication or the wrong size of the ring can all lead to O-ring damage. An experienced plumber can help you locate your O-ring if you are having trouble.

Water Pressure

The average water pressure is between 45 psi and 55 psi. A faucet can drip if it is subject to higher pressures. Your water pressure could be too high if you continue to use your dishwasher or sink and the water is still dripping. A water pressure gauge can be used to determine if the water pressure in your faucets is too high. Adjust your water regulator if it is too high. If you aren’t up to the task, a plumber can assist you.


A dripping faucet can be caused by rust. The residue that hard water leaves behind is made up of multiple minerals and solids. The hard water minerals stick to the faucet walls as the water leaves the tap. The residue will eventually attract water from the tap and cause rust. You should check the color of your water if you suspect that it is rusty. If the water is brownish, it could be rusty. Water softeners may be helpful, but you will need to replace any damaged fixtures if the rust becomes too severe.

Washer Issue

Your faucet’s washer is located above the O ring. The washer seals any leakages that could allow water to enter your sink. The washer can lose its ability to regulate water pressure, just like an O-ring. A washer can become less effective due to wear and tear. If your washer leaks after it is installed, or if the washer is too small, it could be a sign that the washer is not working properly.

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